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Dish Wash Liquid
Our name is reckoned among the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of high quality Dish Wash Liquid. We provide highly effective Dish Wash Liquid that is formulated to clean the dishes properly with least efforts. Our range of unique Dish Wash Liquid formula is very economical, even one drop is enough to clean oily pan.

Dish wash liquid will be available in concentrated form, so you need to add 1x amount of water at your end to make ready product.

Dish Wash Regular - Dish Wash Regular is cost effective and high-quality dish wash liquid mostly useful in hotels, hostels, restaurants etc. It will be thick and bright in nature.
Dish Wash Premium - Dish Wash Premium is super high quality product. Quality will as per branded products available in market. It is free from caustic/ sodium hydroxide or acid slurry.
Concentrate Ratio - Dish wash liquid is available in 1x concentrated form, so you need to add same amount of water in one part of product.

  • 50 Kg
  • 200 Kg HDPE carboys