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Glass Cleaner :
Liquid Glass Cleaner is an excellent product made with an ultra-advance formula for easy and effortless cleaning of Glass, Mirror, Windshield, Plastic, Laminated items etc. Our Liquid Glass Cleaner gives a sparkling new like finish to the surface without leaving any streaks or spots on the surface. These Liquid Glass Cleaners can be used for cleaning many home use items like Refrigerator, laptops, computers, laminated items, stains of door handles and surrounding areas etc.

Glass Cleaner Premium9x
Glass Cleaner Premium9x is high quality superior glass cleaner. Its concentrate ratio is 9x, which means need to add 9 times water in 1 part product.
Glass Cleaner Eco 19x
Glass Cleaner Eco 19x is economical glass cleaner liquid. Its concentrate ratio will be 19x, which means need to add 19 times water in 1 part of product.

  • 50 Kg
  • 200 Kg HDPE carboys