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Silicone Emulsions :
We are counted among the trusted Manufacturers of Silicone Emulsions in the region. Our high quality Silicone Emulsion is perfect for polishing varied items and giving them unmatched shine. Silicone Emulsion, offered by us, is highly concentrated solution that gives excellent results with less quantity.We are manufacturing different grades in silicone emulsion as per client demands.We are serving silicone emulsion to various industries like rubber industry, support industry, automotive garages etc. We have below grades readily available in silicone emulsions.

XX emulsion - Silicone Emulsion XX is good quality Silicone Emulsion for rubber indutry.This grade is formulated for Gloss and Shine.It contains 20% Silicone Oil.
XXV emulsion -Silicone Emulsion XXV is good quality Silicone Emulsion for rubber indutry.This grade formulated for super high Gloss and Shine.It contains 35% Silicone Oil.
EHD emulsion - EHD is the Extra heave duty silicone emulsion. It is highest in quality, thick in nature and gives long lasting shine. It works best in every application.
HD emulsion - HD is heavy duty silicone emulsion. It has been formulated with ultra-advanced formulation with premium silicone oils. It is also useful in multiple applications.
PAS emulsion - PAS is Perfect auto shine silicone emulsion. It has been specially prepared for automotive industry. Its main usage is in garages and industrial purposes.
FIS emulsion - FIS is Fine Instant Spray specially formulated to use in spray pump bottles. This is both cost effective and gives high quality results.

  • 50 Kg
  • 200 Kg HDPE carboys