Tyre Polish Manufacturer, Tyre Polish Supplier, Transperent Tyre Polish, Solvent Based Tyre Polish in India

Tyre Polish :
Our Car Tyre Polish is based of premium silicones, solvents and is excellent for super darkening & shining of tyres, vinyl and rubber parts. Car TyrePolish is manufactured with ultra-advanced formula which increases life of tyre by preventing it from cracks as it lubricates rubber. Our Car Tyre Polish when used with care adds to the life of the tyres.

Tyre Polish SB - Tyre Polish SB is solvent based polish which is best in quality and gives long lasting dark shine.
Tyre Polish WB - Tyre polish WB is water based polish which gives instant durable shine and it is also economical.

  • 50 Kg
  • 200 Kg HDPE carboys